my name is ...

My name is…
When you go to openings, do you have problems to remember people's name? Do artists need luck to have opportunities to show? How can they be selected?

The project My name is… is an experimental group exhibition. The first edition is dedicated to all the artists named Stephan, Stephanie, Steffen, Steven or....
Following artists are lucky to have this name and accepted the rules to participate to this exhibition:

Steffen Cyrus
Stefan Dening
Stephanie Gerner
Stephan Halter
Stefan Hauberg
Steffen Kasperavicius
Stefan Kraft
Stefan Riebel
Stephana Schmidt ( SSMIDD )
Gregor Stephan
Stephie Strumpet
Steffen Tempel
Stephan White ( Artboydancing )
St. & St.

Exhibition 7-14 April 2012 (Thu-Sat 4-7 pm)
Vernissage 7 April 2012 - 7-10 pm