( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis A.I.R. – Lendava 2013 DOKU

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis A.I.R. – Lendava

from 8th of september to 14th of september 2013
vernissage opening sat., september 14th 2013 @ 1900 cet.
video assembled by Juan ARATA
( ) PSP AIR N° 1 2013

D’CLINIC Studios, where art is produced, and where reflection on artistic re-search is guaranteed.

Participating artists: Juan Arata (AR-GER), Eli Cornejo (AR-GER), Tanya Dyachenko (UKR), Lan Hungh (GER-TW), Marcus Philippe (FR) and SSMIDD (GER-UKR)