Holographic Dream Sequence 001 (HDS001)

Memories of dreams of exquisite moments of space and time. [MUTE SEQUENCE. this video-sequence by SSMIDD has originally been presented as a wallobject with 3D-function in collaboration with a second video-sequence by Lan Hungh @ STATTBERLIN] For the full visual experience anaglyphic red/cyan 3D glasses are required.

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For more information on the Holographic Dream Sequence Series follow this link:gedankenschmied.net/assets/applets/holographic_dream_sequence_003.pdf

For more information about the original exhibition @ STATTBERLIN follow: stattberlin.blogspot.fi/2012/01/blog-post_04.html

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For general information about the GEDANKENSCHMIED-PROJECT:

Duration: 3:13 min and 24 frames
Color: color
Required: 3D anaglyphic red/cyan glasses
Format: Full spectrum HDTV 16:9
Sound: mute
Direction/Camera: SSMIDD//gedankenschmied-project 2012