Holographic Dream Sequence 003 (HDS003)

HDS003 is the third version of an open end series of dream sequences. HDS001 was produced for the LET’S BURN 3D exhibition at STATTBERLIN. HDS002 was generated for the F-I-V-E FEELINGS INT VIDEO ART festival. HDS003 adapts to the concept of REBIRTH - REVOLUTION/POST-REVOLUTION by J&K. This version intends to embrace the strict idea to pack an artistic expression into 60 seconds with an acoustic element. Thereby the video points clearly to the direction of spiritual practices which may lead out of any regulative projection. [ 2d/3d video – offline ]

To see the first part of the HDS series click here: vimeo.com/ssmidd/hds001

To see the second part of the HDS-series click here: f-i-v-e.net/videos.php#vid223

For more information on the Holographic Dream Sequence Series follow this link:gedankenschmied.net/assets/applets/holographic_dream_sequence_003.pdf

For additional information about the GEDANKENSCHMIED-PROJECT:

Duration: 1 min
Color: color and b/w
Dimension: 3D anaglyphic red/cyan
original Format: Full HD 16:9
Sound: stereo
Direction/Camera: SSMIDD//gedankenschmied-project 2014