fauler see

here you see ssmidd°09 presented as stephana schmidt on the left screen in a videoinstallation called "100 portraits" by hermann kleinknecht. the installation was presented in the rathausgalerie munich in 2009. the artist is about to perform a strange run through the snow and finally painting the letters "fauler see" into the ground. the performance originally took place around a lake called "fauler see" in tiergarten, berlin.


stadt stade 2

physical example 4 an installation in public space by ssmidd°09 - output will be june 2009

the letters have originally been painted by pupils of GRUNDSCHULE ALTLĂ„NDER VIERTEL in stade, out of which we created this tangible matter. it will turn into a signboard saying STADE STADT STATT STADT STAAT STATT STADE STADT STATT STADT STOOD. the signboard will be fixed at the outside of the school building. 4 more information check: pfartfinder


Jerusalem Tracks

VIDEOSURFACE-PROJECT Trash Sequence; abstract preview (c) ssmidd°09