H₂O Trailer

This is the official trailer of H₂O by SSMIDD 2015
feat. Anastazia Louise Aranaga

H₂O is a bipolar molecule. It connects to other H₂O-compounds of similar but opposite charges. That's why it appears to be liquid and doesn't loosely float into the sphere. Instead it gives life to everyone and everything around. It purifies itself and others. It rounds up beings towards whatever form they want to be. It comprises our planet's memory. It mirrors the global society. When we will guide it to flourish, unfold and restructure naturally - then health and wealth will grow, and then the waters smile, and so will we.

Title: H₂O
Trailer: 50 sec
Duration: 5 min
Resolution: FULL HD 1080 x 25p
Audio: FULL 48 kHz stereo sound
Cast: Anastazia Louise Aranaga
Concept, Camera, Cut: SSMIDD
3D art: ssDD76 | sound: FRANZKA.de
Production: SSCHNITTLABOR.info
Produced for MAGMART foods2015.com
Supported by ARTELES.org creative center