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Choose between 1 to 6: #SSMIDD

by Monsieur Franzka via Gedankenschmied-Project

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St. & St. invite you to the Finissage of our exhibition "Zur Kenntnis
genommen" (acknowledged) on Saturday, October 2nd at PANDION "The Grid
Cabins", Prinzenstr. 32, close to U-Moritzplatz, Berlin! 
After a well-attended Opening with a Performance by Lan Hungh and a
wonderful second Event with an interactive Sound-Performance by Franz
Ka, we will set up our first Live-Performance! 
The Finissage will be from 7 to 10pm, the Performance will start during
the evening. 
As a preliminary point we would like to thank all participating artists
and project space operators who made this exhibition possible in the
first place, as well as to all visitors who came and acknowledged the
exhibition :) 
After the Finissage St. & St. will upload a video and photos of the
exhibition on their blog 
https://zurkenntnisgenommen.blogspot.com/ [1]. 
Unfortunately there won't be a bar on the Finissage, but a petrol
station is directly next to the venue. 
We hope to see you all there 
and looking forward to it!