this was a visit of HERMANN KLEINKNECHT in his former studio @ B-kreuzberg, erkelenzdamm. videoexperiment by SSMIDD2011.

check KLEINKNECHT: http://www.hermann-kleinknecht.com
check SSMIDD: http://www.gedankenschmied.net


HAND (around 1999)

newly found footage. think it was a work about memory. still, a video with timeless beauty. most simple, simply true and overwhelming. if the art world wouldn't be so blind regarding it's countless second front protagonists ... anyway best wishes from the underground.
4:3; DV; no sound
(c) SSMIDD1999-2014


Vampires! TRAILER

This is the official Trailer for the shortfilm “Vampires!” by SSMIDD 2014. “Vampires!” is a no budged homage to Andy Warhol’s “BLOOD for DRACULA”.
The protagonists walk in zombie-style. They are indifferent and though don’t really seem to long for blood at all. On their hesitant approach towards the light they are mostly standing and staring – or sometimes walking around until they finally face that time has come to die.

Movie Title: Vampires!
Cast: katja pál, eli cornejo, lan hungh
Duration: 3:23 min
Color: B&W and color
Format: 16:9, HDV 720p or higher
Sound: mute
Direction/Camera: SSMIDD//gedankenschmied-project