Hermann Kleinknecht INBILDER video art DOKU

Hermann Kleinknecht INBILDER - 
Documentation of an Exhibition in St Marien Church Wriezen

The exhibiton INBILDER of the artist Hermann Kleinknecht (Berlin, Munich) took place during the period from May 18th till October 31st of 2017 in the Protestant church St Marien in Wriezen, Oderbruch, East-Germany. 

artist: Hermann Kleinknecht: 

video/editing/sound: SSMIDD aka. MFK 


Keywords_required opening 30.06.17

SOON SSMIDD @ Keywords_required 10-22.07.17; vernissage 30.06.17 @ www.gr-und.de with Yann Vanderme, Pauline Payen & Elana Katz [FACEBOOK event: https://goo.gl/DVGtAZ]


( ) parenthesis space parenthesis 2017

The myth of Orpheus / Orphée - fragments of greek mythology in a contemporary exhibition: Guillaume Mathivet, Philippe Marcus, Eli Cornejo, Juan Arata, Lan Hungh & SSMIDD. The parenthesis space parenthesis art project is an ongoing series of ephemera expressions of art by an ever changing crew of second front artists on their way to the top of the illusion. This year the project unfolds in reference to the topic of Orpheus who by means of his deal with the underworld wasn't allowed to look back into the labyrinth until his wife would be free. PSP2017 was a collaboration of the following artists:


OUT NOW: Artyom Astrov has just today published 'Background Music (Vol 1)' with the serious-serious label. We had the honor to write some lines as an introduction to this spacy and seriously contemporary opera. Please enjoy the preview @ SoundCloud or dig for more information here: http://www.serious-serious.net/