OPEN GATES short movies from syria on the 4th at 7 p.m. @ SCOTTY Berlin

This is going to be - most propably - an interesting screening at a producer gallery which I was once -under different psydonym- part of:


zwölf syrische Kurzfilme von 2014/2015

am 4.11. um 19 Uhr

Syrien – zwischen Arabischem Frühling und Bürgerkrieg

                            „Boy and a Ball“

(english version below)

Die Kurzfilme führen von der weiten Landschaft Amudas, in den nördlichen kurdischen Gebieten Syriens, über Aleppos bis nach Yarmouk, in das für seine kulturelle Vielfalt bekannte Palästinenserviertel in Damaskus. Einfühlsame Dokumentationen, moderner Tanz, sarkastische Animationen bis hin zu Stop-Motion-Film sind die Genres, mit denen sich die unabhängigen syrischen Filmemacherinnen und Filmemacher gefühlvoll ihrem, von Krieg und Zerstörung gezeichneten Land, nähern. Die Kurzfilme sind kleine Schätze, die uns einen tiefen Einblick in die Lebens- und Vorstellungswelten der Filmemacherinnen und Filmemacher erlauben.
Das Kurzfilmprogramm ist nach einem Open-Call von dem syrischen Kulturinstitut Ettijahat. Independent Culture und dem reisenden Kurzfilmfestival Moviemiento e.V. aus Berlin zusammengestellt worden.

„Open Gates“, twelve short films from Syria 2014/ 2015
 Syria between Arab spring and civil war

The short films lead through the wide landscape of Amudas, a place in the Kurdish part of north Syria, to Aleppo and further to Yarmouk, known as a muticultural Palestinian quarter in Damascus. The compilation includes a variation of different approaches of independent Syrian filmmakers depicting a country that faces war and destruction. Empathetic documentation, modern dance, sarcastic animation and stop motion movies are the genres of the movies. Following the short films we get an introduction to the everyday life and the imagination of the film makers.
The sellection of the short films based on an open call announced by Ettijahat. Independent Culture, a syrian NGO and Moviemiento e.V., a Berlin based moving short film festival.


SCOTTY Projektraum für zeitgenössische Kunst und experimentelle Medien
Oranienstr. 46, 10969 Berlin



ancient GEDANKENSCHMIED video-archive in the net

we just happened to (re-)discover an ancient GEDANKENSCHMIED archive which still exists online! even though VIDDLER once shut off it's free service, which then naturally motivated us to stop distributing art via that platform, some of our most provoking video works are still available there in low resolution. since they originate from different artistic contexts they where usually moderated via the gedankenschmied-blog or other sources. to see them all joined together now this way adds a new aspect to their reception. that's why: please go for it and enjoy this casual archive, surprise is guarantied:


we will add a permanent bottom at our main page http://www.gedankenschmied.net during the next days. we especially want to mention two of the works out of this assemblage. the THECELL-works are the very first works out of SSMIDD's THECELL-series which is alredy being continued by some newer works currently unpublished. please if you know any advanced visionary curator who would be interested in presenting such a Kafkaesque videography contact us here: http://gedankenschmied.net/html/project.html#kontakt

the two above mentioned THECELL works are as follows:

THECELL http://www.viddler.com/v/d42c214e
THECELL2 http://www.viddler.com/v/9c6a674


( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis A.I.R., Berlin 2016

( ) Parenthesis Space Parenthesis is a nomadic artist-in-residency program and a close group of participating artists who meet once a year to build up an exhibition, usually without any previous idea, finding their way through the endemic materials and improvisation. During the past projects the process for each residency was a very dynamic exchange of creative energy which led to certain experiences on the way with less focus on the final outcome in the sense of a conventional exhibition. Therefore, now in the third edition of the ( ) A.I.R., we will shift the focus: based on knowing each other quite well, we will now even develop a deeper connection during the flow of working together. All participating artists will, during the building up phase, analyze, remark and portrait the personality shape -and also self-portrait- of each remanding participating artist, documenting this approach in various available media. In the end everyone will collaborate, layer by layer, in a collective mind-map of each persona creating big collages of information and perception.

with works by

Juan Arata
Eli Cornejo
Lan Hungh
Marcus Philippe

Opening: Friday 12th August, 6 pm - 10 pm
Duration: Friday 12th to Sunday 14th August, 2016

Opening hours: Fri 6 - 10 pm, Sat + Sun 2 - 7 pm

HilbertRaum - Reuterstr. 31 - 12047 Berlin