past present london

this is just a receptive memory regarding to what we saw over there. let's see how we will manage the shit into future …



this video documents how the installation "11m" by ssmidd°09 has been constructed, and what dimensions have been brought together.
the installation has been realized @ "signals through the flames", phb-berlin in july/august 2009
check out for more info @ 11m-installation



this is an excerpt out of the finissage of the exhibition "signals through the flames" in phb berlin friedrichshain. you are seeing a robot-figure "sir elton john" that has been constructed by kolja kugler contrasting with a video-portrait of lan hungh who was about to perform his "lies"-performance. more info: signals through the flames



THECELL is part of a series of gedankenschmied-project's ELQAV ("extremely low quality amateur video")-sequences. THECELL has been shot in springtime 2009 on a bus-ride somewhere between liverpool and london. within this micro-space everything is maximum-reduced to somewhat like just the rough idea of it's function. we will never ever want to wake up in a dream wherein the whole world has turned into something alike ...



("k√ľnstlerischer scherbenhaufen" somewhat in 2008 - now brandnew - out: now! c l i c k on the image to resize it some more ...)