blind copy

BLIND COPY is a spontaneous series that appeared in coherence with a project by MATTHIAS LANFER . during the finissage of PFARTFINDER-project he placed a copy machine into the party. possibly he is planning to publish a book with a choice of copies one day. what you see here is the contribution of SSMIDD°09 to this very ceremony. these images can be understood as documents of 8 spontaneous performances confronting a time bending magic machine. the "original-copies" (master-copies) are available in A3. (click on the images to see large previews!)



THECELL2 is the second part of a new series of gedankenschmied-project's ELQAV ("extremely low quality amateur video")-sequences. THECELL2 has been shot in october 2009 on a train-ride in germany. within this video we focus on sounds, water and light.


ebertbrothers life

@ phb ... this was during the "signals through the flames"-exhibition july/august 2009


deutsche bahn

a journey with the deutsche bahn ...

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out of reach

petition system out of reach ... this was about our water ...

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better than nothing

BETTER THAN NOTHING - featured on reelport ... click H E R E for more information on the video

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studio crash

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A. Jacke News

News from Andreas Jacke, film theorist: