stade rain

is part of an art-in-public-space project "pfartfinder". beneath 3 other main works that SSMIDD°09 was realizing [C L I C K H E R E]. we produced another one called "stade rain". it was presented on a vaulting horse within a digital picture frame. the horse is to be found in germany's very first seminar-gym in stade, north germany. check also: PRARTFINDER

(just with our arrival for the first visit to stade preparing the project it instantly started to rain. it seemed to us that all inhabitants of stade where perfectly prepared to fight the rain, the civil armature popped up everywhere within a snatch.)

(and so on and so forth - umbrellas everywhere, there are about 30 photographs like this)


KOW gallery space

since we are working in the upcoming KOW(koch oberhuber wolf)-gallery some time, we decided to use their inspiring temporary exhibition-space as space itself for some artistic film to unfold. now it seemed to be the best moment -since we skipped through our achieves- to publish this spontaneous action. check: www.kow-berlin.com