Exhibition, electronic music, drinks and more
Hosted by Delphine Marinier and Stephanie Gerner
Wednesday, December 31, 2014at 8:00pm in UTC+01
@ Delphine Marinier Berlin

art work by
Stephan Halter
Stephanie Gerner
St. & St.
Lan Hungh
Delphine Marinier
Thomas Monses
James Edmonds
Petra Graf


they have to come

J&K are happy to let you know that the One Minutes Video Series, "They have come to escort me on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state" will be presented this coming Saturday, 25th of Oct at Kunsthal Nikolaj in Copenhagen.

Lecture by Mikkel Bolt, and performances by Christine Borch, J&K and Kolos.

Videos by Amado Alfadni (EG), Erika Arzt & Juan Linares (AT/ES), Arnar Asgeirsson (IS), Candice Breitz (ZA), Nicholas Brooks (UK), Lizza May David (DE), Sophie Dupont (DK), Søren Thilo Funder & Tina Helen (DK), Cecilie Gravesen (DK), Mathilde ter Heijne (NL), Malak Helmy (EG), Sophie Hjerl (DK), J&K (DE/DK), Hassan Khan (EG), Huda Lutfi (EG), Pernille With Madsen (DK), Mikkel Niemann (DK), Nissa Nishikawa (CA/JP), Cullinan Richards (UK), Trine Mee Sook (DK/KR), SSMIDD (DE), Josefine Struckmann (DK), Miquel Clara Vasconcelos (PT) and Allard Zoetman (NL).

For more infos on the videowork by SSMIDD [click here PDF]


rrrgggbbb sketch X-2014

part of the http://www.rrrgggbbb.de -project. sketch for an installation. this is found footage from our creation periode around X(2005). virtual sketch of "rrrgggbbb-baum" in a specific rrrgggbbb-colorspace which had finally been realised with light balls, electric wires and steel. 1:10 min. video by SSMIDD 2014


FOODS 2015 prospect

SSMIDD has been invited to participate the Magmart-FOODS-Video-Project on the theme "Feeding the planet - energy for life" which will coincide with the universal EXPO in Milan 2015. The sprecific FOODS-page will be available here: http://foods2015.com
Following the previous projects of Magmart (100x100=900 - to celebrate the 50th of videoart , in 2013, and F.I.V.E. - about five senses, in 2014) this new project born with the aiming to coincide with the universal EXPO, scheduled to start for 2015 june 16, in Milan (Italy), on theme "Feeding the planet - energy for life "planet - energy for life". The aim of the project FOODS is to explore the zone around the boundary line between abundance and famine, anorexia and bulimia, body and soul, and any other antinomy amenable to the concept of food/aliment. The project involves 13 videoartists, each of which will producea video freely interpreting the theme of the project. The project schedules a public event in Naples (Italy), for the official presentation, coinciding with the inauguration of the EXPO. Along the 2015 will follow an international tour - and other events. Moreover, we are currently working to organize residences in Naples for some of the artists - involving cultural institutes of some countries - with a program to be defined.
Participating Artists: 
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"P1080581" Mailart-Multilayer-Photocopy-Drawing by SSMIDD 2014

arrived happily @ vomanhaltendesverschwindens
photo courtesy of @ stephanie gerner
see more mailart @ here



this was a visit of HERMANN KLEINKNECHT in his former studio @ B-kreuzberg, erkelenzdamm. videoexperiment by SSMIDD2011.

check KLEINKNECHT: http://www.hermann-kleinknecht.com
check SSMIDD: http://www.gedankenschmied.net


HAND (around 1999)

newly found footage. think it was a work about memory. still, a video with timeless beauty. most simple, simply true and overwhelming. if the art world wouldn't be so blind regarding it's countless second front protagonists ... anyway best wishes from the underground.
4:3; DV; no sound
(c) SSMIDD1999-2014


Vampires! TRAILER

This is the official Trailer for the shortfilm “Vampires!” by SSMIDD 2014. “Vampires!” is a no budged homage to Andy Warhol’s “BLOOD for DRACULA”.
The protagonists walk in zombie-style. They are indifferent and though don’t really seem to long for blood at all. On their hesitant approach towards the light they are mostly standing and staring – or sometimes walking around until they finally face that time has come to die.

Movie Title: Vampires!
Cast: katja pál, eli cornejo, lan hungh
Duration: 3:23 min
Color: B&W and color
Format: 16:9, HDV 720p or higher
Sound: mute
Direction/Camera: SSMIDD//gedankenschmied-project