Choose between 1 and 6: #SSMIDD

Interactive Sound Performance by Monsieur FranzKa via Gedankenschmied-Project

Event:     Saturday, September 25th 2021, 7-10pm

Choose between 1 to 6: #SSMIDD

Interactive sound performance with electric sine waves

Monsieur Franzka via Gedankenschmied-Project



Wählen Sie zwischen 1 bis 6: #SSMIDD

Interaktive Klangperformance mit elektrischen Sinuswellen

Monsieur Franzka via Gedankenschmied-Projekt


Venue:     Pandion “The Grid Cabins”, Prinzenstr. 32, 10969 Berlin

Opening:  Wednesday, September 22th 2021, 6-10pm

Event:     Saturday, September 25th 2021, 7-10pm

Finissage: Sunday, October 2nd 2021, 7-10pm


The performance will take place in five rooms in a roofed passage.

The exhibition is part of: 

"Zur Kenntnis genommen" / "Acknowledged"